The Perfect Bait- An awesome and inspirational book.


My daughter handed me a book last night that is just amazing. I think every aspiring artist and even successful artist should read it. It’s called The Perfect Bait by Bobby Chiu. Ironically, this artist is a Toronto based artist but works as a cartoonist for Hollywood.

Now, I’m not really a cartoonist but the positive coaching in here is precious, especially to someone like me who needs to work constantly in order to be motivated.

Bobby suggested Morning drawing instead of morning pages. This drawing can’t be your average doodle- it’s got to be art that challenges you.

He also suggested visualization. That’s one thing I do- yet could do some more.

So this morning before coffee (B.C!!!) I pulled out the Anatomy Coloring book and my sketch book and drew a skull. I also drew the tree outside my window. I’m going to commit to that, and also looking up a life drawing class that I can walk into. It’s been a while!


What a medium sees


16″x20″ Original Oil painting on Canvas. For sale by artist: $200.00.
Shipping charge negotiable.

I have spent some time being a medium: that is, actually making money talking to dead people. And, to be honest, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Recently, The Hermit’s Lamp Gallery, has a new show coming up. The theme for this upcoming show is “Ancestors.” I was going to do the whole skull still life thing, but then after talking to my friend Kit, who’s also an artist, decided I really wanted to do something different.

After finishing school, I’ve been trying to figure out what I should do. Before, I’ve been heading to the comfortable place of painting landscapes, but that’s not the kind of art that always speaks to me.

You can probably tell I’m influenced by Edward Munch in this painting. I like the haunted feeling of his work. I guess, I wanted to paint something that I’d enjoy hanging up on my wall and looking at from time to time.

This picture is all about my Slavic heritage- The paisley spirit hovers before the dreamer’s hand. The audience participates in this- the hand could belong to them. The ghostly figures hover close by and are hidden in the woods. Above a sickle moon can be seen.

Paisley is more than just a fashion illustration-it is also all about inheritance-it symbolizes the seed- the beginning of life hidden in a pattern. In a way I am joining life and death together into one.

Ok here it goes.


I read an article that cited that successful artists are ones who constantly let the world know what’s going on in their lives. This is the first blog that I’ve ever created that focuses directly on my art, and my life as an artist. I just am on the verge of graduating from George Brown with my Fine Art painting certificate, and to be frank I’m a little scared. However, I’m just one of those people who keep on moving forward. I’ve got a room of my own for painting, I have an easel and a drafting table and now, thanks to the graphic arts company around the corner I even have a cubby-hole cabinet  house my drawings. Awesome really. This is the latest picture I painted that’s currently listed on Ebay. I’m going to try Craigs list too, like, what do I have to lose?

This picture is the second attempt that I’ve made painting the same subject. I did do this painting for the square foot show a few years back, but I thought I would try my hand at making a larger painting.

This painting marks the start of my desire to become an artist again. I took the picture March 2005. I was walking my dog around the Humber River in Toronto and noticed that the ice spilled over into the ground in a spectacular manner. The ice sparkled in the bright sunlight. It was then that I knew I wanted to be an fine artist.