Work in progress: The rapids are around the courner


Work in progress: The rapids are around the courner

Oil on canvas: Work in progress- The rapids are around the courner.



Work In Progress


I’ve been feeling a little moody lately. I have had a week off and things have not been working out  as well  as I would  have hoped.  First of all I ended up burning my wrist on Saturday morning.

The election in the US has kind of disturbed me, mostly because it’s something I can’t control. And, once again I’m distracting myself from my creative objectives by focusing on everything  else.

Working for yourself is the hardest thing. You got to motivate yourself even though it seems like you’re at the bottom of a large mountain, and you wonder if you have what it takes to make the climb.

I am full of passion and intensity, and I think that alone is the power to take me to the summit of this journey. Though I fear, I must swallow my fear and tread ever onwards to the top. If no one sees me till I’m dead, it wont matter because I am living the life I want to lead, one that I’ve dreamed of since I was a child picking crayons from a box.

This is my work in progress. But I am that: a work in progress—creative, full of desire, and trepidation.

Got to keep my eyes on the prize: everything else is inconsequential.