Self portrait, probably not


Self portrait, probably not

Self portraits are difficult.

A few days ago a friend of mine met with me and explained in detail the mistakes in my self portrait. I’m not sure if I asked for constructive criticism but there it is. In reality all my previous attemps made me look worse than I look and this one makes me look better than I really look. There it is, the truth of the matter. So I was challenged to draw my face every morning. Don’t know if I could do that I should.

Like Silvia Plath, I’ve turned to baking for solace. Lately I’ve been making my own bread. I ordered this great book that promises Artistian bread will only take up 10 min of my time every day, and for the most part it’s correct, but I feel that sometimes even that ten min is too much.

Today, is the second day of my vacation and to be honest, I’m playing hooky. But here I am writing and that’s because I’m inspired by my friend Diane Mason’s blog. Check it out, it’s very cool.