A sad day



Today I drove to Kit’s house to see if there was anything I wanted to take. This was the hardest thing yet. I dragged my post colonoscopy hubby with me for moral support. I almost didn’t go, because things are not what Kit was all about, Kit is what Kit was all about.

There was’t anything really left and I didn’t have the heart to rifle through stuff. Another person was trying to park where I was parked so I took this as my cue to leave.

I have her watercolour of a banshee, and I managed to get a wooden statue of Ganesha, and a jar of mugwort. That’s about all. Her family was taking the rest, and honestly, that’s how it should be.

My hubby mentioned that I did things wrong and should have just claimed it instead of walking out with it. So, I’ll email the family and let them know that if they want Ganesha they can have him back. Things mean nothing to me.

Her whole place looked like a bomb had gone off, and also everything left was an empty shell of what used to be her cozy nook. I would like to just close my eyes and imagine the cozy nook and leave it at that.




art, choices, drawing, ghosts, santeria

Scan 5

The crossroads is a funny place. A magical place, a place of choices. We always have to choose, even no choice is a conscience choice.

I drew Elegba at the crossroads. In Santeria, Elegba guards the crossroads of life, he kind of helps you out, or not. He could trick you, and even confuse you more.

I am working out what this means.

The door behind Elegba is the door which leads us to a new place, but Elegba is the keeper of the key.

I once had a vivid dream about a far off door in a dark room, I was flying towards it, in my dream but each time I’d hit it, I’d bounce back into darkness. Behind the door, was light.

This was around the time that I could sense things: That good or bad was coming and I would dream about ghosts. I thought I was crazy, but I have found out that all mediums walk the fine line of crazy and not,because we can hold our breath and dive into that strange world that is not our own.