Forest for the trees.


I’m dealing with more fear issues, being creative is tough, mostly because I fight my own demons every time I paint. I’ve done a lot of work since I last posted. One pet portrait, which is done for charity:IMG_20150120_143632

And also am working on a big painting I’m calling St Brigit. That is driving me crazy at it’s size. I’m also filtering though stuff I’ve talked to my therapist to mostly bunched around my inability to deal with emotions properly. Maybe its because I have an autistic kid brother, or maybe because emotions were something my family frowned upon. And since I had a lot of them, it was a problem. I won’t lie I’m an emotional over eater. When I’m stressed or unhappy I turn to sugar. I have been getting better with this though. Though today was a bust maybe because I am facing this mammoth painting. I do wash my hands though. I am not using Facebook as much, I feel that there are people out there who do not wish me well, who will curse me if I let them in past the boundaries. There are also some damn good friends, and I don’t want to block them off, so what do I do? I’m not sure. I figure I’ll focus on the old fashioned blog, especially since a lot of people don’t read it. I’m a voice in the digital wilderness. That’s kind of comfy. Ok back to that painting.


2 thoughts on “Forest for the trees.

  1. I love your blog and I read every post! Keep doing what you can but sometimes I think we just need to make peace with our bodies. Perhaps you crave sugar when you are stressed because you are burning extra calories?

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