Fire in hand

oil painting lydia knox

large oil painting Lydia Knox 60 x 36 for sale

Lately I’ve been suffering from S.A.D seasonal depression, the snow and the cold and menopause all whirling up into me like a perfect storm of discontent. Also, I’m trying to make it as an artist and that’s scary as you all know. This is the latest piece of work that I’m happy with, It shows St Bridget riding a stag through a wintery woods and she has a fire in her hand., she holds it out to let the viewer know that winter doesn’t  last forever that there is still a flame burning. She also lights the way to better things. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and that helps in a big way, cutting out junk food as much as I can and trying to keep things simple. Right now, I’m typing in my cool basement so the overheating body doesn’t stand much of a chance.


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