King of coins



Here is another instalment for the Triumph of Tarot supporting Cancer curing research. I am going through a tough time, my hubby lost his job (lots of people were laid off) and I struggle and almost lose hope about becoming a professionally paid artist, (who can make a living through art)  but I know I can’t give up. The king of coins is all about perseverance patience and knowing what to value. The earth is priceless, the moment is priceless, the rush and tumble of people who are lead by desire is pushed aside. The King of coins has what he desires, he is who he is, and because of that he is richer than anyone else and king of the land because he understands the land is an intrinsic part of him.


this is an art work I have made for a fr


IMG_20150422_100352this is an art work I have made for a friend of mine who is struggling with cancer. She described what should be in here. It is an original oil painting 30×40 inches gallery edged canvas. It depicts a woman holding an owl looking towards a sunrise. It’s early spring, and the stormy night has passed away and a clear day is ahead.

I see art as an act of magic, and I hope that this gives her what she needs to push past this rough time and arrive at a better place. I have not charged her anything for this piece of art because that’s not my style, instead, she is going to donate money to an animal charity which is just great. I wish her strenght and courage.