Self perspective- a portrait of squiggles


I have started a daily sketch project, where I get my creativity going by learning something new in drawing and attempting something different. Pinterest is a great inspirational site, I check out other artists and then try some of their techniques.

portrait lydia knox

experimenting with squiggles

Currently I am working on self perspective issues. I have always had trouble with understanding who I am, perhaps thats why self portraits are especially challenging (for me anyways).  Lots of questions in my head. My husband is looking for a new job, it feels like I’m free falling at this point and I don’t know what will happen next. I do know that I want to get out of the city, I’m done with the city. I want to breathe in fresh air I want to sit outside with no one around for miles. But we’ll go wherever the job is, that’s how it goes. I wonder about the friends I have here, what happens if I have to leave the province? What about those people who I leave behind? Those people who depend on me.

There is only now, I keep on saying to myself, hoping that that will guide me to the next moment.


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