Turning point- or why I am an artist now

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Canadian Moment. 22×30 inches, art for sale. Buy it here: https://www.artfinder.com/manage/lydia-knox/product/canadian-moment/



Once upon a time I was a writer for the internet. I have a BA in English and I loved writing. So I was very pleased that I spent 10 years out of my life as a copywriter for the web. However, the economic crash of 2008 came along, and left me jobless. Being a person who really needs to work all the time, I had to do some major soul searching.

My heart was broken, because I lost my way, my career, my focus,  and I would walk for miles with my dog, Sirius. It didn’t matter if it was hot or cold, rainy or snowing I’d be out there, in the park by the Humber River in Toronto. One March morning I noticed huge chucks of ice had washed along the banks of the river and surrounded a bench.

This sight was symbolic to me, I climbed the ice and sat on the bench with my dog and just looked out on the vista. I thought to myself that nature was speaking to me. I remembered my desire to be an artist, a painter, from before I went to university. So, I decided that I’d return on that path even though the road would be bumpy and difficult.

I included a Canadian flag in this picture, because really, this is what it is like to be Canadian- to see an obstacle and to find your way to a goal, and then to soak in the beauty of how nature still rules the world around us.

Art is magic, it changes things, it moves people to see something new within themselves.


Sunset at Mountain Lake…artist progress

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Nature is Magic-

I hear Alpha Ville’s Forever young, and wonder “are we going to drop the bomb or not”

Here I am in my 50’s trying to be the artist that I denied myself to be for so long. Working for myself. I’ve been reading a lot of books, about developing an art career, and in a lot of them it says that you should work, work hard, keep on pushing through till you’ve amassed a lot of work under your belt. So here I am finishing one or two works in a week, pressing forward.

Meanwhile the news is crazy, DT is rattling sabres with mr Kim of North Korea- and I am reminded to live every day as it comes. Carpe Diem. There is so much out of my control at this point.

Like the Rabbits from Watership Down who wrote poetry- I have a sense that my days are numbered, so I create, and keep on creating to make this day amazing. The Sunsets here in the part of the world where I live in are just beautiful. The clouds turn golden, the sun paints the sky with hues of pink and blue.

Night time is only a breath away, time stumbles forward, and symbolically, I sure hope our days don’t turn into night as of yet.

If you want to buy this piece you can get it here: https://www.artfinder.com/lydia-knox#/