Sunset at Mountain Lake…artist progress

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IMG_1965 2

Nature is Magic-

I hear Alpha Ville’s Forever young, and wonder “are we going to drop the bomb or not”

Here I am in my 50’s trying to be the artist that I denied myself to be for so long. Working for myself. I’ve been reading a lot of books, about developing an art career, and in a lot of them it says that you should work, work hard, keep on pushing through till you’ve amassed a lot of work under your belt. So here I am finishing one or two works in a week, pressing forward.

Meanwhile the news is crazy, DT is rattling sabres with mr Kim of North Korea- and I am reminded to live every day as it comes. Carpe Diem. There is so much out of my control at this point.

Like the Rabbits from Watership Down who wrote poetry- I have a sense that my days are numbered, so I create, and keep on creating to make this day amazing. The Sunsets here in the part of the world where I live in are just beautiful. The clouds turn golden, the sun paints the sky with hues of pink and blue.

Night time is only a breath away, time stumbles forward, and symbolically, I sure hope our days don’t turn into night as of yet.

If you want to buy this piece you can get it here:



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