Where I want to go when I die.

art, frienship, loss, sucide

meeting up with Kit and Oya Oil on canvas 48 x 36 inches.

So, I’ve written quite abit about Kit, but gonna write one more post-because it’s what’s on my mind as I made this very large painting:

Dear Kit. There was no goodbye letter from you, sure wish there was. I wish I had the heads up, cause even if I couldn’t change your mind, I could at least enjoy more time with you. We could drive to the farm and hike through the bush, ’cause you said you’d like to do that. I could get that awesome borsht recipe from you. Cause, really, you could make borsht like no one else. It would make Russian women cry. Possibly, Leo Tolstoy would have cried, or at least. he would have written it into War and Peace. I would invite you to my garden, and we could drink wine, read tarot and laugh into the night. We could have done that. I would have at least said goodbye, I would have liked a good bye.  My Godmother once said that before going to bed you should say goodbye, because, when you wake up, that person may not be there anymore. Her husband died of a stroke, so maybe that’s why she told me that at the age of 13.

But going back to you, I’d like to go to an art gallery with you, I don’t care who’s showing.  I would love to have spent a whole weekend with you. I feel like I wasn’t as good a friend as I could have been, though Gods know, I tried. You did give me a wakeup call though. Friendship is precious, each day is a gift, treasure it, because it will be gone before you know it and all you have is the memory of that person in your life, that and their ghost. Speaking of which, you can’t see me but I painted the top of my head into the bottom of the picture. Cause when I die, much like in the movie, What Dreams May Come, (with Robin Williams) I’d like to meet you there, in that wood, so the both of us could hang out once more. Love, Lids